Dependable Commercial Laundry Service in Los Angeles, CA


Save your business time and money with a professional pick-up and delivery laundry service! We have the best prices with the fastest turnaround time. Commercial laundry services are available for whatever type of business that you own – hotels, restaurants, medical clinics and offices, catering businesses, spas, recreation centers, salons, and much more. Focus on running your business, we’ll make sure that your laundry and linens are a superior representation of your brand.

Areas We Service:

• Los Angeles
• Anaheim
• Compton
• Long Beach
• Torrance
• Surrounding Areas


Pick-up & Delivery

Our goal is to make it convenient for you. Pick-up and delivery is for commercial services. We can even arrange to come by while you’re out.


Dependable Service

Our service is consistent. The Laundry Place is committed to providing your business with clean, fresh and fast commercial laundry service.


Unbeatable Prices

We have the lowest prices in town. Time and money are two things that our customers want more of and we believe that we can help you attain both with our custom fit laundry cleaning services.


Customized Service

Customizable laundry options including pickup/delivery schedule, turnaround, and processing packaging preferences. Just tell us your laundry preferences and we’ll make sure to exceed your expectations.


Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

In combination with our high-efficiency washing machines, we use high-efficiency liquid laundry detergent. The selection of our laundry detergents are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.



We service both small and large commercial laundry customers and aim high to bring a personalized level of service to each customer. We understand the best ways to custom clean your bulk commercial laundry.


Our reliable laundry service allows our clients’ fitness centers to run smoothly and efficiently. If you run a gym or recreation center, you probably have many moist, odorous towels. Our towel cleaning service will pick those up from you and return them to you, smelling fresh and clean.


We offer quality laundry services to a range of businesses in the medical industry. Make a big impression with your patients by guaranteeing you have the freshest linens readily available. At unbeatable prices, the Laundry Place provides the best quality care for laundered linens, garments, and uniforms!


The Laundry Place offers corporate laundry accounts for those looking to get their laundry professionally cleaned. We provide customized laundry services for businesses of all shapes & sizes — from independent sole-proprietors for multi-location enterprises.


Just like human hospitals, animal hospitals, clinics need clean laundry. We launder scrubs, uniforms, doctor’s coats, towels, bedding, and other linen that must be sanitary. We love animals, and with our top-notch laundry services, we have the power to clean up after them!


Towels play a vital part in everyday use in spas, massage parlors, and beauty parlors. If you’re in the business of making people feel better about themselves, you know fresh, clean towels are essential. The Laundry Place recognizes how important it is for you to use a quality towel service company as a business owner. We can handle your towel needs – no matter how big or small.


We offer quality commercial laundry services to an array of businesses in the hospitality industry. Let us eliminate one of the tasks in your hospitality business. We’re happy to assist you by providing freshly laundered towels, sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and any other linens you require for your guests’ comfort.


The Laundry Place understands how to clean and treat table linen laundry. This includes tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and kitchen linens. Stains and soil from catering laundry need a different detergent that removes food and oils from the linen. We’ve got you covered. Max out the full benefits of your high-end service with nothing less than the best quality towels and linens from The Laundry Place!


We offer quality laundry services to a range of businesses in the food industry. Besides the tasty food servings and thirst-quenching beverages, customers are also looking forward to dining in a clean place. The Laundry Place knows that you have a restaurant to maintain and that doing laundry is a time-consuming job. Your laundry will be handled with care by our staff, from table linens, napkins, chef’s uniforms, aprons, bar towels; we’ve got you covered.